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Our Commitment to Excellent Care

Dr. Kim Smith DVM, Owner and Head Veterinarian, has always had a dream to run a state-of-the-art clinic that not only practiced the best patient care, but also the best customer service. Cornerstone Animal Care is the culmination of that dream, and many years of hard work and dedication.


Cornerstone Animal Care

Cornerstone Animal Care is a veterinary clinic located in historic Frankfort, Kentucky, that provides service to small animals and exotic pets. We provide health, wellness, dental, and other services for your animals.


We at Cornerstone Animal Care understand the bond between people and their pets. Our goal is to join in that partnership by continuing to educate ourselves in order to provide the highest quality of medicine with state-of-the-art equipment. We will educate our clients so they can make knowledgeable choices about their pets health and wellness. While always striving to keep pet health care affordable, we will provide our clientele with different treatment options. In educating and providing these options we will work with our clients to extend their pets lives as well as keep them healthy and happy. We are a family at Cornerstone Animal Care and we want you to join our family and feel at home


360 Degrees of Service

Whether we are providing health or boarding services to you Dog, Cat, or other animal, we believe service does not stop at the door.  We offer continual support for the health and happiness of your pets through our commitment to service at home as well.  Whether you choose to interact with your care program through our various web-based tools, facebook, or through our help portal, we are here to answer your questions and ensure the well being of your pets. 

Have a question?  Feel free to ask!

Have a question about your service or your pet's health? Feel free to ask us.  Visit our contact page for phone and email page or chat with a live person from our help center today.

Emergency After Hours Contact Information

We now have a cell phone dedicated to reaching us regarding after hours emergencies for your pets.

If you need our emergency service call 502.395.3084. If you receive voicemail, leave a message for a return call.

Because we understand that there are times and locations where cellular phone calls can't always be made successfully, you can now also text this number.

Starting December 2018, our emergency cell service is for any pet and you do not have to be a current Cornerstone Animal Care client to be seen.   A deposit of $100 is required for a veterinarian to come in and can be made with a credit or debit card over the phone.  Full payment for all services will be due at time of service.  

We also ask that you understand that there will be the occasional situation where our doctor cannot respond to emergency calls or texts. If you do not receive a return call or text within 15 minutes, please contact one of the local emergency services.  In Lexington you can call Bluegrass Veterinary and Emergency Services at 859.268.7604 or MedVet at 859.276.2505.



Keep reading for some important information regarding the recent news about Canine Influenza.

Update from BluePearl on Contagious Dog Flu (Influenza - H3N2)

An outbreak of the dog flu, the highly contagious influenza H3N2, have been confirmed in Florida and other suspected cases are popping up throughout the country. Testing at University of Florida confirms the infected dogs participated in shows in DeLand, Florida and Perry, Georgia. Dogs from a variety of places were at the shows, so spread to other parts of the country is possible. Dogs from the Perry, Georgia dog show were recently seen in one of the BluePearl hospitals in Houston, TX and potential cases have been seen at the BluePearl hospitals in Tampa, FL; Atlanta, GA; Louisville, KY; and Chicago, IL.

The flu virus is commonly transmitted by coughing and sneezing and can spread aerosolized up to 20 feet. Dogs in close contact at areas such as dog parks, dog shows, grooming parlors and kennels may be most at risk. The most common symptom is coughing, which can last up to three weeks and does not respond to antibiotics. Most dogs recover without incident but in some cases the virus can lead to pneumonia.
Spread within veterinary hospitals is very possible unless precautions are taken with dogs with signs of contagious respiratory diseases.

The following guidelines are recommended by BluePearl Veterinary Partners:
1) Any dog with sneezing, coughing, or respiratory signs should either be triaged outside the hospital or be immediately placed in an exam room and away from any other pets. Any area in the reception area where these pets were should be cleaned immediately, including walls or cabinet surfaces.
2) We strongly recommend wearing a protective gown or separate lab coat and gloves during technician and doctor exams of these patients
3) Financial check-out of these patients and clients should occur in the exam room to minimize contamination of the reception area.
4) Ideally, patients would be carried outside when they leave
5) Thorough cleaning should occur of all surfaces in the exam room after discharge. Influenza is inactivated by all common disinfectants.
6) Any pet that must be hospitalized should be kept in isolation with strict precautions taken to avoid spread of aerosolized secretions from pet to pet or on clothes and equipment of personnel
7) Because dogs can be contagious seen BEFORE clinical signs are seen, travel histories should be obtained on all pets to identify exposure. Thorough hand washing should be emphasized to all personnel.

Diagnosis of this condition is best accomplished with respiratory PCR. Please contact your preferred laboratory to confirm that their PCR does test for influenza H3N2, as not all labs can test for this subtype.


UPDATE: With confirmed cases of Canine Influenza in our area Dr. Smith is recommending that all dogs receive the canine influenza vaccine. It is a series of 2 vaccines (an initial and a booster within 3-4 weeks). If your dog has been seen in our clinic within the last year, you will not be required to have an examination. This is important for everyone but specially for those who go out in public, i.e. dog park, pet stores, groomers, visiting with friends and neighbors.



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